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We all have a favourite teacher
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Why did you like your favourite teacher?

Over 90 percent of Victorians think teachers are the most valuable resource in our schools.

They are instrumental in engaging our children, identifying their needs and monitoring their progress at school, often with limited support and funding.

Do you have a lesson you have taken away from your school days?

Share your story and let us know why you liked your favourite teacher.  We want to use your entry to surprise our members and remind them how valued they are.


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Your teacher stories

  • Samantha’s favourite teacher story

    My favourite teacher was Andy Dunn in 3/4 and 5/6. He used to encourage all of us with reading by telling us to read anything we could get our hands on. It didn't matter if it was a book, comic or cereal box, as long as we were reading! He… Read More »

  • Sue’s favourite teacher story

    Charlie Parkinson, grade 6 teacher. Treated us with great respect. Allowed us to call him by his first name. Learnt a swag of valuable tools towards being a good citizen and great learner. Read More »

  • Therese’s favourite teacher story

    My favourite teacher was Mrs Lowe in grade 6. She treated me like a person, she always made me feel special but at the same time not the 'teachers pet'. She encouraged everyone and looking back if you showed a desire to learn she would go out of her way… Read More »

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