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Western Metropolitan schools to benefit from needs-based Gonski funding to public schools

Sep 29, 2015Media Releases

Children in Western Melbourne will benefit from the State Government’s announcement of more than $21 million in additional funds for local public schools to deliver needs-based programs for students, the Australian Education Union said today.

With the recent release of the 2016 indicative school budgets, AEU Victorian Branch Deputy President Justin Mullaly said principals can now start planning to address some of their school’s key equity issues with the new investment.

“The State Government’s funding announcement is a positive step towards addressing the serious education funding gap holding back Victoria’s students.

“Schools in the Western Metropolitan area will share in $21,721,713, and will welcome the reinvestment in public education after cuts and neglect by the former Napthine Government.

“Chronic underinvestment for more than a decade has left every Victorian public school student receiving $1,836 less than the national average each year, resulting in our students being the lowest funded in Australia.

Mr Mullaly said students have been badly let down by previous governments.

“There are far too many students from low socio-economic backgrounds who are falling behind other students, so it is encouraging to see funding dedicated to equity measures in our schools,” said Mr Mullaly.

“But the State Government must continue to deliver on needs-based Gonski funding through to 2019.

Mr Mullaly said the change in leadership at the Federal Government level has created an opportunity for the Commonwealth Government to step up and play their part.

“The new Prime Minister and Minister for Education must take a different approach to the issue of education funding and deliver their share of Victoria’s needs-based Gonski funding deal.

“The Turnbull Liberal Government must not continue to break their promise to support the Gonski needs-based education funding agreement and commit to funding its final two years: 2018 and 2019.

“Unless Prime Minister Turnbull delivers on the school funding promise then Victorian students will miss out on $1 billion of additional funding over that time. We hope Mr Turnbull understands the importance Victorians place on public education.”

This month the AEU launched “Education for Everyone’s Needs”, its blueprint for public education in Victoria, which argued for needs-based funding to underpin investment in our schools.

“Western Melbourne principals now have additional resources to begin to deliver more individual support to students as well as additional programs to better meet the needs of every child.”

Enc: A list of all Western Metropolitan public schools and their respective funding allocation. These can also be found here: http://puteducation1st.com.au/how-much-funding/

Melbourne – Western Metropolitan

School Name Additional Funding
Aberfeldie Primary School $15,031
Alamanda K-9 College $57,285
Albanvale Primary School $62,568
Albion North Primary School $155,493
Albion Primary School $152,774
Altona Green Primary School $46,930
Altona Meadows Primary School $118,037
Altona North Primary School $140,129
Altona P-9 College $63,190
Altona Primary School $29,773
Ardeer Primary School $39,024
Ardeer South Primary School $190,351
Arnolds Creek Primary School $121,726
Ascot Vale Primary School $8,094
Ascot Vale Special School $5,000
Ascot Vale West Primary School $27,544
Avondale Primary School $38,624
Baden Powell P-9 College $283,844
Bayside P-12 College $257,568
Bellbridge Primary School $245,825
Brookside P-9 College $5,000
Buckley Park College $64,854
Cairnlea Park Primary School $276,820
Cambridge Primary School $164,186
Carranballac P-9 College $188,347
Coburn Primary School $647,900
Copperfield College $5,000
Creekside K-9 College $91,565
Debney Meadows Primary School $48,194
Deer Park North Primary School $471,479
Deer Park West Primary School $183,790
Derrimut Primary School $187,583
Diggers Rest Primary School $18,086
Essendon East Keilor District College $377,744
Essendon North Primary School $20,061
Essendon Primary School $10,984
Exford Primary School $28,906
Flemington Primary School $63,016
Furlong Park School For Deaf Children $5,000
Glengala/Sunshine West Primary School $152,146
Hoppers Crossing Secondary College $5,000
Iramoo Primary School $759,510
Jackson School $53,143
Jennings Street School $5,203
Keilor Downs Secondary College $83,593
Keilor Heights Primary School $57,046
Keilor Primary School $40,469
Keilor Views Primary School $202,567
Kensington Community High School $85,496
Kensington Primary School $53,477
Kings Park Primary School $427,182
Kororoit Creek Primary School $69,953
Kurunjang Primary School $356,778
Kurunjang Secondary College $633,471
Lakeview Senior College $213,643
Laverton P-12 College $737,730
Little River Primary School $20,726
Mackellar Primary School $158,376
Manor Lakes P-12 College $656,359
Manorvale Primary School $273,062
Melton Primary School $568,806
Melton Secondary College $679,343
Melton South Primary School $293,247
Melton Specialist School $82,643
Melton West Primary School $564,615
Monmia Primary School $30,573
Moonee Ponds Primary School $9,539
Moonee Ponds West Primary School $13,586
Mossfiel Primary School $502,167
Mount Alexander 7-12 College $163,439
Movelle Primary School $252,274
Newport Gardens Primary School $23,125
Newport Lakes Primary School $22,258
Niddrie Primary School $28,039
Parkwood Green Primary School $124,953
Point Cook Prep – Year 9 College $5,000
Point Cook Senior Secondary College $299,717
Rockbank Primary School $47,667
Rosehill Secondary College $5,000
Seabrook Primary School $51,453
Seaholme Primary School $14,164
Spotswood Primary School $13,297
Springside P-9 College $218,303
St Albans East Primary School $268,350
St Albans Heights Primary School $134,635
St Albans Meadows Primary School $174,406
St Albans North Primary School $42,017
St Albans Primary School $125,710
St Albans Secondary College $187,717
Staughton College $401,891
Stevensville Primary School $188,791
Strathmore North Primary School $13,008
Strathmore Primary School $18,211
Strathmore Secondary College $83,236
Sunshine College $429,428
Sunshine Harvester Primary School $455,750
Sunshine Heights Primary School $185,365
Sunshine North Primary School $182,854
Sunshine Primary School $5,000
Sunshine Special Developmental School $48,026
Suzanne Cory High School $53,500
Sydenham – Hillside Primary School $155,312
Tarneit P-9 College $5,000
Tarneit Senior College $448,490
Taylors Hill Primary School $83,511
Taylors Lakes Primary School $178,661
Taylors Lakes Secondary College $200,455
The Grange P-12 College $256,199
Thomas Chirnside Primary School $125,274
Toolern Vale and District Primary School $89,087
Travancore School $5,000
Truganina P-9 College $71,346
Truganina South Primary School $57,172
University Park Primary School $140,766
Victoria University Secondary College $48,014
Warringa Park School $222,370
Wedge Park Primary School $474,488
Werribee Primary School $341,938
Werribee Secondary College $445,518
Western Autistic School $39,081
Westgrove Primary School $363,498
Williamstown High School $125,426
Williamstown North Primary School $5,492
Williamstown Primary School $17,055
Woodville Primary School $227,305
Wyndham Central Secondary College $312,672
Wyndham Park Primary School $236,552
Wyndham Vale Primary School $72,673