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Take the test on class sizes

Jul 7, 2014News

Do you know how big class sizes are in Victorian schools?

Ensuring our children are educated in class sizes with fewer students is a no-brainer for any parent or teacher – and expert research backs them up.

But large class sizes in Victorian public schools remain a barrier for greater student engagement and improved student achievement.

The smaller the class, the better teachers are able to tailor the education to the individual needs of each child.

But in Victoria, class numbers have been steadily climbing.

Funding cuts mean schools are having to make tough choices between keeping class sizes low or funding programs like Reading Recovery and VCAL.

We know that class sizes vary from school to school, depending on many factors. But research shows that there are benefits to keeping class sizes to 20 or lower.

Take a guess at class sizes for Victorian schools – do the test here and make sure you share the results!