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School principals facing peak stress, male teacher numbers at lowest level for a decade

Oct 10, 2014News

The Herald Sun has reported that the proportion of male teachers registered in Victoria has hit its lowest level in more than a decade. The situation is worst in primary schools, where only one in five teachers is male.

Education Department figures show the prop­ortion of male teachers working across all sectors at an equal 11-year low. This year, men made up 26% of the total registered workforce, down from 29% a decade ago.

The report comes on top of the release of an Australian Education Union survey showing that Victorian public school principals are dealing with peak levels of stress and workload.

The AEU is concerned about the lack of funding and support to public schools under the current government, leaving principals having to do much more with less, and working an average of 59 hours a week, with no work-life balance.

A lack of funding also means schools are struggling to offer adequate training and professional development for teachers to enable them to provide appropriate support to students who need it most and avoid having students falling through the cracks.

These latest statistics make it clear that we need better resourcing and greater of support for our school in order to attract more male teachers and to support principals.

Put Education 1st is calling on all political parties to make commitments to support our public schools and the educational needs of all Victorian children.