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Professional development for all school staff


Meet Peter

Lack of funding blocks development of potential leaders

Peter Clifton, principal of Magpie Primary School, is proud that every student at his school uses an iPad and a laptop in class.

“The engagement of the kids with that technology is just astounding,” he beams.

The students’ competence with IT is a direct result of Peter’s determination to provide training to his staff to develop their own skills using new technologies. Read more about Peter.


Teachers, principals and support staff are the most important resource in our public schools. To deliver the Education State, they must be properly supported, trained and resourced.

When teachers, support staff and school leaders have the resources to perform effectively, student outcomes are improved. High workloads and workplace stress impede the capacity of principals to realise the potential of their role as a driver of educational improvement in their school.

The dismantling of the regional structure under the former Baillieu/Napthine governments removed or reduced many of the fundamental resources and supports that high-quality schooling systems require. The regional cuts have substantially increased the amount of time principals spend on administrative tasks, at the expense of educational leadership.

High-quality professional development of all school staff makes a difference to the learning outcomes of students. The evolution of education through technology and the greater number of high-needs students in schools mean teachers must be able to access external support and participate in regular research-based professional learning that fosters collaboration and that focuses on student needs.

Our Recommendation

To ensure Victoria’s public school system is performing at its highest level, the professional needs of its staff must be met through the provision of:

  • Well-resourced local services to support schools
  • Regional expertise and resources to meet the professional and welfare needs of the workforce
  • A comprehensive suite of professional development programs for aspirant, new and current principals
  • Sufficient resources in school budgets to allow best- practice professional learning for teachers, principals and support staff.
  • Additional funding for the teacher Professional Leave program and the provision of extra professional development time-release for graduate staff and their mentors.