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“I didn’t go to a private school and neither will my kids”: Amy Stockwell

May 16, 2014News

With the jury still out on whether public or private education produces the best results… Read More »

Napthine budget a fail for public education

May 6, 2014News

The AEU has accused the Napthine Government of failing to deliver on […] Read More »

Smaller class sizes generally better, new study says

Apr 24, 2014News

Government school-funding decisions based on larger class sizes may harm some of the most vulnerable groups. Read More »

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Apr 16, 2014News

Cuts to public education over the past three years have had a devastating impact on students and school communities across the state. Read More »

Victorian secondary schools forced to chase high levels of private funding

Mar 13, 2014News

State secondary schools are increasingly raising funds themselves from fees and private sources, an analysis of My School website data has shown. Read More »