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Narre Warren school community calls for needs-based funding for local kids

Oct 27, 2015Media Releases

Local Narre Warren P12 College is hosting an event as part of national Gonski Week tomorrow to remind our political decision-makers why Victorian children deserve the full six years of Gonski needs- based funding.

AEU Victorian Branch President, Meredith Peace said Victorian students continue to be left behind as the lowest funded students, on average in Australia.

“Victorian public schools have suffered chronic underinvestment for over a decade. Victorian students from low socio-economic backgrounds are falling through the cracks.

“Gonski needs-based funding is the key to making sure we have a school system that is both equitable and efficient. Allocating funding based on the individual needs of students’ means the 20 percent of kids who have special requirements get the assistance they need to thrive.

“National Gonski Week highlights the need for governments to invest in schools based on student need to give every student opportunity for a high quality education – regardless of their ability to pay.

“The Federal Government back flipped on its commitment to deliver Gonski needs-based funding through to 2019. Schools in Narre Warren and across Victoria face uncertainty about whether they will be able to deliver the programs students need beyond 2017.

“Victorian students will miss out on $1 billion of additional funding over 2018 and 2019 unless Prime Minister Turnbull delivers on the education funding promise.

“Local schools cannot continue to plan programs year by year, they need long term funding certainty. The Narre Warren P12 will use additional needs-based funding towards a deeper focus on literacy, including the employment of a dedicated special needs teacher.

Ms Peace said the Federal Government must do more to support and promote public education in Victoria.

“Victorians believe in public education and believe in our children’s right to succeed at school. We hope Mr Turnbull recognises the importance of public education to the futures of our young Victorians.

“Without Gonski needs-based funding, Victorian schools and their students will continue to be left behind,” said Ms Peace.

The event will be held at 1pm at the Narre Warren P-12 College and will be attended by the Victorian MP for Narre Warren, Judith Graley.

WHAT Gonski Week event promoting needs-based funding in Narre Warren WHO • AEU Victorian Branch President, Meredith Peace

• Local teachers will be available for comment

• Victorian MP for Narre Warren, Judith Graley WHERE Narre Warren P-12 College

WHEN TOMORROW – Tuesday, 27 October 2015 at 1pm