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Napthine budget a fail for public education

May 6, 2014News

The AEU has accused the Napthine Government of failing to deliver on public education in its 2014-2015 State Budget announced today.

“This is not a government committed to giving our young people the best chance,” said AEU president Meredith Peace.

“Nearly one million parents will vote in the November state election. Napthine has failed to reverse the $600 million cuts to crucial programs in schools that stop kids from falling behind.

“He has failed to deliver the additional money to schools promised as part of its Gonski agreement with the Federal Government.

“He has failed every Victorian seeking the skills and training from TAFE to secure jobs and has ignored the public outcry about the $300 million a year in cuts to our public TAFE system.”

The budget includes a further $200m worth of cuts over the forward estimates period, on top of the more than $600m worth of cuts announced in the previous three budgets.

  • Student support services have been cut by 8.6% ($25m), largely through the ending of the Education Maintenance Allowance at the start of 2015
  • Early childhood funding has been cut by 3.8% ($21m)
  • VET funding has not increased, amounting to a cut in real terms with higher numbers of people requiring training
  • The participation rate of 15-24 year-olds in training and further education has fallen by nearly 10%, while youth unemployment is at more than 16% in many parts of Victoria.