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Labor announces a $1.3 billion investment in our schools

Oct 26, 2014News

Big news.

Today Labor has announced a $1.3 billion investment in our schools, TAFEs and preschools if they win the state election.

This announcement is a big win for us all.

Since the beginning of the year nearly 30,000 public education supporters across TAFE, schools and preschools, have agitated for the major parties to put education first.

We need a state government that recognises the transformative power of education; a state government that invests in the future of our children and young people.

Labor has committed more than a billion dollars which includes:

– immediate $320 million TAFE Rescue Fund and an urgent review into the current funding arrangements

– $125 million to establish technical schools to enable schools, TAFE and industry to work together to provide real pathways for young people

– $13.5 million for a breakfast program to make sure students start the day with enough energy to focus on their learning

– Support for disadvantaged families for the costs associated with the education of their children such as uniforms and an additional investment of $150 million for camps, sports and excursions

– $510 million investment in public school upgrades

And $50 million for the build of preschools and kindergartens

But our task isn’t over.

We want the community to vote to put education 1st on November 29.

The more people who know about the choice they have on public education this state election the more chance we have for a brighter future for every Victorian student.

Vote to put education 1st – their futures depend on it!