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Every school will miss out if the Turnbull Government walks away from funding our public schools.

We want Malcolm Turnbull to match Labor’s commitment to funding the full six years of Gonski needs-based resources our schools and children need.

Gonski needs-based funding changes lives.

What our ad above shows is that Gonski funding is the first step to giving every school the right resources to meet the learning and welfare needs of every one of our children.

But the Turnbull Government wants to stop the program in 2017.

In those two final years of 2018 and 2019 Victorian schools stand to lose $1.1 billion.

Enter your postcode to find out how much money schools in your electorate stand to lose.

With the Federal Budget deadline looming, we already know the Turnbull Government has cut $80 billion of health and education funding. We cannot let our children’s education and their futures take the brunt of the Turnbull Government’s cuts.

Once you know your electorate and how much your local schools stand to miss out, send a short message to your local MP asking what they are doing to deliver ongoing Gonski funding to your local schools.

It’s up to us to keep the Government accountable so that all Victorian students can thrive.