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Victorian students will miss out if the Turnbull Government’s cuts to needs-based funding go ahead.

Needs-based funding changes lives. Giving children access to the support and resources they need to thrive at school.

The Turnbull Government’s plan to scrap Gonski needs-based funding in 2018 and 2019 will cost Victorian schools over $630 million. With some disadvantaged schools losing $1 million each!

How much will your child’s school lose?

Enter your school’s name to find out how much money your local school stands to lose.  Then tell your friends and family about it.

Across the country schools stand to lose $22.3 billion over the next ten years.  Malcolm Turnbull needs to fund the full six years of Gonski needs-based resources our schools and children need.

This is the only way to ensure that all Victorian students get the education they deserve.

We need to take a stand because time is running out and the futures of Victoria’s students depend on needs-based funding.