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2016 School Workload Survey

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Teachers are overworked


of teachers work
unpaid overtime

every week

hours of work on

an average week
15 hours

of unpaid work

per week

Most of this time will be spent on planning and assessment.

Victorian students are missing out


of teachers say
their workload is

Over 2/3

don't have
enough time to

plan their classes
Around 90%

say their workload negatively affects the

quality of their teaching

The key part of the solution

More than 85%

of teachers agree they need
more time, within school hours

for planning and assessment

The majority of teachers would use this extra time to:

plan for every students'

individual needs

meet the needs of students

who are struggling

Principals are being weighed down.

60 hours

of work an average week

during term time
Almost half

of principals' time is spent on

admin and compliance
Less than 20%

of principals' time is spent on

leading quality eduction and learning

The principal solution.

Here are the top recommendations by principals for assisting with workload.

Education support staff have more work than paid time.

of classroom support staff have

more work than paid hours

of admin/operations staff have

more work than paid hours

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