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“I didn’t go to a private school and neither will my kids”: Amy Stockwell

May 16, 2014News

With the jury still out on whether public or private education produces the best results, why do so many parents assume that “wanting the best” naturally translates into choosing a private school education?

This is the question lawyer and writer Amy Stockwell addresses in her article, “I didn’t go to a private school and neither will my kids”, published on the Mamamia website. She writes:

If the difference in the academic results of the public and private system are largely irrelevant in the long run, or explained by socio-economics rather than education quality, what is a parent to do?

Well, actually, there are two things that can be done which will make choosing a school for your child a lot easier.

The first is a no-brainer: lend your support to ensure that all schools, public and private, are properly and equitably funded.

To find out the second, read the full article and join the debate here.