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AEU endorses Royal Commission recommendation on respectful relationships education

Mar 30, 2016Media Releases

The Australian Education Union Victorian Branch said the Royal Commission into Family Violence report released today, highlights the important role that all institutions, including preschools, schools and TAFEs, must play in addressing family violence.

“The Royal Commission’s recommendations provide a clear and comprehensive plan for what our community needs to do, at all levels, to ensure our society is safer and more respectful for all Victorians,” said AEU Victorian Branch Deputy President, Justin Mullaly.

“The Andrews Government should be congratulated for tackling this issue and establishing the Commission.  We now want to see bipartisan commitment over the long-term to make sure the support, intervention and education initiatives receive ongoing investment so that real change can be made.

“The Building Respectful Relationships resource is already being trialled in some Victorian schools, in addition to the ongoing efforts of schools to promote inclusion and respect.

“We are pleased the Royal Commission recommends that it be introduced for all students in every year of their schooling through a whole-of-school approach.

“The AEU further supports the recommendations that will make the Victorian Government, as an employer, a leader in providing supportive employment arrangements for school staff impacted by family violence,” said Mr Mullaly.

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