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AEU ad campaign: Turnbull Government must commit to Gonski

Feb 8, 2016Media Releases

Victorian parents will be reminded today that the Turnbull Government has broken its promise by walking away from funding the final two years of the Gonski needs-based education agreement, as the Australian Education Union launches a new advertising campaign.

Meredith Peace, AEU Victorian Branch President said the Federal Government has abandoned the Gonski funding model that would deliver funding focussed on students most in need, at a time when Productivity Commission figures show each Victorian public school student remains the lowest funded in the nation.

“The Gonski school funding model provides a structured, proven and fair system of funding for our schools – researched and recommended by experts,” said Ms Peace.

“But just after Christmas, the Turnbull Government sneaked away from their commitment to Gonski and Australian parents need to know the consequences for their children’s education.

“Parents expect Malcolm Turnbull to be doing more to ensure every child can attend a properly resourced school. Instead, he is cutting funding from Australia’s lowest funded students.”

The AEU’s yearly State of Our Schools Survey 2015 showed over 57 percent of Victorian schools do not have adequate resources for disadvantaged students.

“Without Gonski needs-based funding, Victorian schools cannot provide much needed additional programs such as literacy and numeracy support, welfare officers, extension programs and professional development for school staff to deliver the educational outcomes Victorian parents expect from our schools.

“Every child, no matter where they live or their family’s financial circumstances, must be able to receive the individual attention that they need to succeed in school, and our schools must have the resources to deliver this support.

“The Turnbull Government needs to honour their promise to provide Gonski funding for the full six years of the agreement through to 2019, and reverse the massive long-term cuts to education revealed in their budget.

“Our ad shows what children stand to lose without adequate Gonski needs-based funding. The solution is clear and the Turnbull Government can deliver it, if they put our children’s education first.

“This year’s Productivity Commission report showed each Victorian public school student is $2,253 worse off than their interstate counterparts – every child deserves to have access to quality education.

The AEU Gonski needs-based funding advertisements will be launched in networks across Victoria from today and can be viewed online here from 11am today.  The AEU’s State of Our Schools survey results can be found here.